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J. Douglas Thompson

Painter of Atmospheric Light

JD Thompson, About the Artist, Prince Edward County, Ontario

About the Artist

J. Douglas Thompson is an artist/poet who is a painter of atmospherics which are presented to us in the formation of dramatic thunderheads on late summer afternoons or soft loon haunting mists rising off northern lakes in morning quietude. Captured in acrylic paint, light juxtaposed and rimmed around the blue black depths of storm clouds shows not only the beauty of contrast, color and value, but metaphorically speaks of hope determined to rise above life’s inevitable struggle. He has lived and travelled abroad in more than sixty-five countries and has experienced the eclectic diversity of atmospheric images presented in the vast created natural world.

Paint brushes used by Artist and Painter, Prince Edward County

“Nothing moves me more than savoring deeply life's vast banquet of the lovely sensual five..sight, taste, touch, sound and smell...each leads me to ponder and yes, stop and worship. The artist’s job is to bring awareness. I dedicate this season of my life to the calling of Awakening Awareness, Encouraging Endurance and Blessing Beauty with Wild Creativity.”

Prince Edward County, Ontario has become his chosen place of residence. Settled just north of the villages of Bloomfield, Wellington and Picton, near the famous Sandbanks beaches his studio sits astride numerous vineyards, wineries and among many other creative artists. Experience both his original works and fine reproductions on canvas in his studio gallery or connect with the fine galleries that represent his work.

Inside the Art and Painting Studio of JD Thompson, Bloomfield, Ontario

J. Douglas Thompson is proud to be affiliated with these fine organizations and galleries.

Prince Edward County Arts Trail

Prince Edward County Studio Tour

Gallery 133

Canadian Heritage Art Company, Kleinberg



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    “I cannot imagine a man looking at the
sky and denying God”
    —Abraham Lincoln

Photography Lens for JD Thompson, Painter and Photographer, Bloomfield, Ontario
Photography Torn Paper Background for JD Thompson, Prince Edward County, Ontario


Torn Paper for Paintings Header, Cloudscapes and Painting, Bloomfield, Ontario


J. Douglas Thompson

Painter of Atmospheric Skyscapes



448 Wilson Road

Bloomfield, ON  K0K 1G0

Tel 613.399.3857

All paintings and photographs are available as reproductions on canvas. Contact us for pricing. All images remain copyright, J. Douglas Thompson 2014.